Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Appreciating women as an art of healing!

Our cross dreaming originates from an appreciation towards feminine beauty. I have noticed that expressing appreciation to beautiful women has a healing effect on my cross dreaming. Let them know they are beautiful. Appreciate them without any desire to actually "possess" them. Possessiveness generally means the desire to make her yours. But, to me cross dreaming is an advanced form of possessiveness in which I become her!  My instinct tells me that if we develop the art of selfless appreciation towards feminine beauty, it will help us heal most of the addictive elements of cross dreaming.

Just my gut feel!

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  1. Shakespeare uses "woman as physician" in many of the comedies. Things get all scattered and confused (confused identities) in the 3rd Act. In the 4th Act a woman sorts out the confusion. In the final 5th Act, there is a marriage -- representing balance, order. harmony.